When we talk about mosquitoes, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is its annoying voice. They will fly around you and keep buzzing, making you unable to sleep. So we can tell that the buzz is not a favorite voice, and some people even hate it. On some occasions, we can hear this kind of voice very often. Customize our Whoom Custom Patches, indicate that you hate to hear it.
Whoom Custom Patches each patch measures 2.2 inches wide (measured from the widest point) by 1.25 inches tall, with laser cut border and iron on backing. Our Whoom Custom Patches with the blue and purple color, It looks very striking. we provide up to 9 colors for our Custom Patches. Each Custom Embroidered Patches are with poly bags for protection.
Embroidery Style: 75% Custom Patches
Patch Size: Diameter is 2.2"
Embroidered Border: Laser Cut Border
Embroidered Backing :Iron on Backing

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